1. Entries

  • Entries should be unique, interesting, entertaining but not vulgar, racist, pornographic or otherwise inapproriate.
  • Only registered users may post their entries.
  • Every registered user can post 1 entry to "Clicksies arena" in a 24 hour period.
  • Entries must not contain, promote or display violence, vulgarisms, racial or ethnic intolerance. Entries displaying pornography or strongly erotic scenes are also unsuitable.
  • Entries must not contain advertising character of any kind.
  • Third parties´ copyright should not apply to posted entries. Users posting such entries will bear liability for a breach of copyright.
  • Users posting their entries at give consent to the distribution and sharing of their posts along with the related and rule-abiding comments of other users.
  • Repeated violations of the clicksies rules (hereinafter only the Rules) may result in temporary blockage or complete cancelling of the clicksies account.

2. Voting for entries

  • Every user, including unregistered ones, can express their likes or dislikes with any of the entries through voting.
  • You can only vote once for each entry.
  • You can vote by clicking on the like/dislike link.


  • Only registered users may post their comments on entries.
  • Commments must not be vulgar, offensive, racist or humiliating.
  • Our objective is to protect all users, and therefore it is strictly forbidden to post advertising and advertising links as comments.
  • Violation of these rules will result in cancelling the clicksies account.

4. Legal protection

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