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I-35 pile-up caught on camera

27. 12. 2021 | Accidentes

multiple semi\'s involved.The following incident \r\nOccurred on Friday, December 10 around 11am in the southbound lanes of I-35, just north of Faribault, which is south of the Twin Cities. \r\n\r\nMN State Patrol reported the crash involved 7 vehicles - 5 passenger vehicles and 2 semi trucks, including one semi truck jackknife. The southbound lanes were closed for approximately 2 hours before one lane was reopened. \r\n\r\nIncredibly, there were no injuries reported with the pile up. The State patrol said it received 286 total crash reports associated with the day’s snowfall with 21 injuries and 21 jackknifed semi’s across the state. \r\n\r\nA closer analysis of this vehicle shows how the median cable barrier helped prevent serious injuries by preventing several cars - including both semis from going into oncoming lanes. While the barrier limited some lateral movement for the vehicles, it ultimately played a major role in preventing more significant forces from being involved.


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