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Chillest Man’ Asked Robbery Suspect for a Beer

15. 04. 2020 | Fun - men

World’s Chillest Man’ Asked Robbery Suspect for a Beer.\r\nTony Tovar is the guy who\'s become a national sensation known as the "World\'s Chillest Man” after he lit up a cigarette at gunpoint as his neighborhood bar was being robbed. Tovar looked cool as a cucumber while the other patrons at Behrmann\'s Tavern in St. Louis followed the robber\'s orders and hit the deck last month. "Sometimes you just have to stand up to punks like that," he told Inside Edition. Tovar said he wasn’t going to let anyone push him around.


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G_fawkes | 15.04.2020 16:39 | Like 1 | Unlike 0

This man buys 3 airplane seats..1 for him and 2 for his ball

DIEGO | 15.04.2020 16:41 | Like 0 | Unlike 0

Yes! Hes not sitting on a chair, hes sitting on his giant balls!!👍